In 2020 we experienced the start of a global pandemic. COVID-19 brought the need for reliable and quality made cleaning products to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Not only was this a need for our hospitals, but for our own homes and businesses as well. 

When store shelves were emptied, Americans realized that they couldn’t depend on one or two major brands to keep them safe anymore. As we reflect back on the beginning of the pandemic we can now see what we could have done differently so that all US citizens had access to essential cleaning products to slow the spread of COVID-19. One of the major changes that needed to be made was to invest heavily in American-made cleaning supplies.

When overseas trade was halted for several weeks due to the pandemic, essential supplies weren’t available. Because of this, mass panic erupted all over the world even leading to the few products that were available being overbought by those who could find them. How could American-cleaning products solve problems like this? Read the 6 main reasons below:

  • Boosts the Labor Force

When you buy American-made products you are directly contributing to the US labor force. Instead of sending your money overseas, your purchase supports the livelihood of your neighbors who work at and own products and manufacturing plants. Not only does this affect the local economy, but helps to bring down the national deficit and create a better economy.

As we create more demand for American-made products, the more people we will need to manufacture them leading to new job opportunities. Future generations will reap the benefits of companies that care about creating local jobs and investing in communities. 


  • Promotes America Independence

It’s no secret that Americans have pride in our nation and in our independence. We have freedoms that make our country great, so why do we rely on other countries’ exports for products we could easily make? When we make American-made products our first choice we are saying that our citizens deserve our hard-earned money and job opportunities. By doing this we are relying on our own country to create the essential goods that we need to survive, and avoiding supply chain interruptions as we saw at the beginning of the pandemic.  


  • Better for the Environment

Did you know that buying local goods is actually better for the environment? When you purchase exported goods from other countries, the effects of shipping highly contribute to global warming. Ships contribute to a significant amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but by buying American goods you can cut out this harmful consequence completely. 

The US also sets higher federal and state environmental regulations. Companies that manufacture products in the US use cleaner and more renewable energy sources that help to contribute to a better environment for future generations. By making a simple choice, like switching your cleaning products, you can make a difference in the betterment of our environment!


  • Government Regulations and Standards

The minimum wage is something that is guaranteed to all American workers. When we buy products from overseas we can’t guarantee that the workers who made them have been paid fairly for the work they have done. Buying American products is an easy way to make sure that fair compensation is being paid.


  • High Quality of Goods

Products created in the US are required to pass certain quality testing standards. This lends to their durability and high quality, which helps them to last longer and more reliably. Citizens in other countries even pay extra for American-made goods as opposed to those made locally. For cleaning products, this means that they are highly tested and proven to be safe and effective. American consumer protection laws and safety standards are put in place so that the right amount of chemicals are in every container. 


  • Safe and Fair Working Conditions

American manufacturing plants have high standards of safety that must be followed. Sanitation, in-depth training, minimized accidents, and fair rights for employees ensure that you can be proud of the products you are using. The same safe and fair working conditions are not present in all foreign countries so it’s important to know how employees are being prioritized. 


Why Buy American-Made Cleaning Products?

Now that you know why buying American goods is important, you can see that the same principles can be applied to cleaning products. When you are dealing with the health and safety of patients at a hospital or with your family at home, you will want to use the best products available. 

Pristex proudly offers American-made disinfectant wipes that are proven to eliminate viruses and bacteria. We are confident that our products will tackle COVID-19 and help eliminate other harmful germs. Interested in learning more about our products? Contact us today!