About Us

Launched in 2020, Pristex was born from the urgent need to fill the supply chain gaps in personal protective gear during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our founders quickly realized the great need that they could uniquely fill, both with their connections in the industry, as well as their manufacturing and advisor networks in Memphis, Tennessee. 
Pristex exists today as the premium supplier and manufacturer of protective safety supplies across the US, providing reliable and timely delivery on orders and shipments, moving much-needed supplies into the hands of the people who need it, including hospitals, restaurant groups, and other valuable industries. We also aim to provide stable employment opportunities to our community in Memphis. Moving forward, Pristex hopes to operate as the reliable middleman between industries and the product producers oversees, preventing shortages now, and in the future.

Our Team

Pristex exists to provide the quality sanitation products that our clients need, when they need it. Produced, packaged, and shipped from our manufacturing warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee, and partner facilities in Texas and Georgia , Pristex offers high-quality products at affordable prices, with a commitment to customer satisfaction. We are proud to be the preferred suppliers to a range of healthcare facilities, government entities, and hospitality groups, among others.
Our Story

Our Corporate Values

We prioritize the safety of partners and employees through our safety products and practices.
We inspire confidence through the quality of each or our premium, American-made products.
We stay focused on the real people making real products for the safety of real customers.
We make our decisions with sustainability in mind for our communities, our finances, and the environment.
Continuous Improvement
We believe in working harder and smarter, knowing that our best can always get better.

Our Partners

Our Vision


People are our priority


At Pristex Medical our vision is to combine our resources, knowledge, expertise, and commitment with our strategic partners, in order to bring accessible, high-quality protective products and manufacturing jobs to the American people, both during the crisis and for decades to come.