Pristex Solutions is a custom chemical blending and packaging service provider. We manufacture high quality liquid products for our customers. Operating two production facilities in the Memphis area totaling more than 175,000 square feet, we produce a wide variety of liquid, gel, wipes and paste products.

We have several packaging lines which provides tremendous flexibility and efficiency and can fill containers ranging in size from a half-ounce bottle to 275 gallon totes. We also provide hand assembly services to our customers. Furthermore, we can blend and produce products with physical characteristic ranging form water inert to flammable.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Blending from 50 gallon to 6500 gallon
  • Filling services for surface wipes, automotive appearance products, liquid fragrance, household, and industrial cleaners
  • Kit assembly for small to large projects
  • Filling for thin to viscous liquids
  • Container filling from 2 oz to tanker
  • Technical advice and formulating
  • QC Lab testing and retain storage
  • Item lot traceability

Our Services

  • Contract blending
  • Contract filling
  • Kit/Hand assembly
  • Private labeling
  • Formulating

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